Skandia Folkdance Society

​Seattle’s Skandia Folkdance Society is a non-profit, volunteer run, educational and cultural organization founded in 1949. The bylaws state that the primary objective and purpose of Skandia Folkdance Society shall be to document and preserve the traditional dances and music of the Nordic lands (namely, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden); to conduct educational programs and activities that will promulgate knowledge of and promote interest in these art forms; to provide competent instruction in traditional Nordic dancing; and to foster the use of authentic Nordic music, both live and recorded, in all Society activities.for the preservation and teaching of traditional dance culture and music of the Nordic lands. Skandia members come from all sorts of backgrounds, so one doesn’t need to be a Scandinavian to enjoy the activities.

Skandia members come from all sorts of backgrounds, one doesn’t need to be a Scandinavian to enjoy the activities!

Skandia hosts dance parties twice a month with live music! The Seattle area is home to a large number of musicians who play traditional tunes of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Dancing at the parties includes waltzes, hambos, schottisches, set dances, and mixers, as well as regional dances, with an hour of instruction immediately preceding each dance party.

Dance classes are held each week on a beginning, intermediate and advanced level. Instructors are Skandia members who regularly attend annual dance camps and travel to Nordic lands to study and compete in dance competitions. They share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and patience in a fun and relaxed setting.


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